Toño Moreno

Freelance trumpet player. Bandleader at Toño Moreno Big Band (Mexico).
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Toño is one of the current great high note specialists in Mexico. He began to study trumpet at the age of 11 under the director of his community band, Felipe Fuentes. When he was 16 he entered the Higher Music School of the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico City, although he only remained a short time due to the beginning of his professional career. He would finish his studies with various private teachers.

From that moment on, Toño Moreno has played with some of the greatest tropical music groups and Salsa bands such as the Orquesta Típica of Mexico City, the Sonora Ponceña (Puerto Rico) and the Orquesta Guayacán (Colombia) to name a few. He has also participated in international tours as a member of the Pérez Prado Orchestra. He has recorded for the TV show Bailando por un sueño (Dancing for a dream) and has shared the stage with great trumpet players like Arturo Sandoval, Wayne Bergeron and Adam Rapa.

He is the leader of his own big band, the Toño Moreno Big Band, which had its debut in the 3rd International Trumpet Meeting Rafael Méndez (Mexico, 2010). In 2016 he recorded a tribute CD to Maynard Ferguson with his big band featuring some of the best jazz musicians from Mexico.

  • 2010 to present: Bandleader at Toño Moreno Big Band (Mexico)
  • 1996 to present: Freelance trumpet player (Mexico)
  • 1994-1996: Bachelors at Advanced Music School of the National Institute of Fine Arts (Mexico)

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