Teachers around the world

Special interviews of university professors and music teachers around the globe, focused on a pedagogical point of view
Tomislav Špoljar: «When you have a kid at 9 years old who happens to be very active, you cannot easily assign them on long tone drills»

In this new addition to “Teachers around the world”, we have a trumpeter who, after studying with some incredible international teachers, has realized an unrelenting labor founding trumpet schools in his country, Croatia, where the trumpet has only just begun to exist. Furthermore, he is the artistic director of the only Croatian music festival dedicated to brass instruments. Don’t miss out on the advice he gives about teaching the trumpet to children and the valuable exercises in PDF format he is sharing!

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Oswaldo Zapata: «Even the most technical exercise should have some sense of musicality»

The interviewee we have today in Trumpetland is a young Colombian professor who studied in the United States and through intense musical study has obtained a doctorate and the position of assistant professor of Trumpet and director of the Mariachi Program at Texas A&M International University. A very interesting Interview! And of course, he is sharing some exercises on a PDF, exclusively for Premium members of Trumpetland!

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Aaron Romm: «I stress the importance of consistent progress over perfection»

Today we join our section of "Teachers around the world" with someone who grew up surrounded by good music: his father is Ronald Romm (the historic member of Canadian Brass) and his mother, Avis Romm (a renowned collaborative pianist). Despite his youth, he has an amassed experience as a teacher and a performer. He currently teaches at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota, and has agreed to share a little of his time with Trumpetland to respond to our questionnaire. Of course, he also supplied us with a PDF of exercises for our Premium members.

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Stephen Fishwick: «The teacher must try and inspire the student to get into serious listening to the music. Unless this happens, there is no real way to progress»

Today in ‘Teachers Around the World’, we have one of UK's greatest jazz trumpeters, who, apart from being a very active musician on stage and recording studios, is very committed to teaching and teaches at Leeds College of Music, at the Guildhall School of Music and at the Royal Academy of Music, as well as being a visiting tutor at the Birmingham Conservatoire. Do not miss the opportunity to learn from him in this interview and in the PDF exercise he shares with the Trumpetland community.

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Peyden James Shelton: «The student will not have access to the teacher forever, so the teacher should ultimately teach his students to teach themselves»

In the second installment of 'Teachers around the world', we have the recently appointed assistant professor of trumpet at the University of Utah, Peyden James Shelton, who, despite his youth, is starting a brilliant career. His interview is very broad, and he has been very generous with the PDF exercises he has agreed to share.

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Brandon Cave: «Many young players run into problems because they just don’t have a clear enough idea in their head of what they want to sound like»

Today, we open a new space in Trumpetland: "Teachers around the world". This will be a space for special interviews of university professors and music teachers around the globe, focused on a pedagogical point of view. In the end, all respondents will share a trumpet exercise (a free PDF for download) with Trumpetland Premium members. We will learn a lot with this new, added section! Our first interviewee is Brandon Cave, a professor at the Baltimore School of Music and the 2nd trumpet of the American Pops Orchestra.

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