Teachers around the world:

Kyle Millsap

Assistant Professor of Trumpet & Jazz at Texas A&M University-Kingsville (United States).

«We must all hear the notes/music we intend to play before it can come out of the instrument»


In this new interview of “Teachers around the world”, we have Kyle Millsap, Assistant Professor of Trumpet and Jazz at Texas A&M University-Kingsville (USA). Prof. Millsap was willing to share his grand pedagogical experience, as well as an extremely interesting exercise, in PDF format, to help center pitches.

Up close and personal
  • Age: 39.
  • City of birth: Wichita, KS (USA).
  • A hobby: Cooking.
  • A food: Brisket.
  • A drink: Arnold Palmer.
  • A book: Fox in Socks (Dr. Seuss).
  • A film: Highlander (Russell Mulcahy).
  • A place: 1 Orange Beach, AL (USA).