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Most recent videolessons

You must be smarter than the trumpet (1/10): Basics of sound production Beginner

In this great series of video lessons, Dennis offers us his enormous experience as a trumpeter and as a teacher, teaching us how[...]

Healthy embouchure and ‘Middle G’ exercise Beginner

In this video lesson, Brian teaches us an exercise that was taught by his teacher, Gilbert Johnson, that according to him, chang[...]

Tone production Elementary

As John says in this video lesson: depending on your sound, it will leave an impression on your listener. Here he explains many [...]

Easy improvisation (1/5): Beginner level Elementary

In this series, Charlton will show us the basic ideas of jazz and improvisation. To start of with, he explains how to start easi[...]

Dr. Luis Miguel Araya’s Warm-up (1/2) Elementary

Throughout these two video lessons, Araya will show us the basics of warming up from his point of view, and will explain the fir[...]

Bizet: Carmen Intermediate

Although it seems simple, this orchestral passage (the low excerpt from Bizet’s ‘Carmen’) has its secrets, and it is impor[...]

Simplifying an excerpt to make it easy: Stravinsky’s ‘Petrushka’ Intermediate

Studying an orchestral passage, repeating it a hundred times until it works out, is a mistake. In this video lesson, Stuart will[...]

Collaborating with the pianist (1/4): Breathing Elementary

In this series of video lessons, Brandon teaches us a variety of things that are of vital importance for us, the solo instrument[...]

Orchestral section playing Intermediate

We all want to be orchestral soloists, but we are not aware of how important it is to be a good section player. Raymond Riccomin[...]

Low register preparation and training Intermediate

DeCarlo is an authentic low range specialist. He usually plays 2nd, 3rd, and 4th trumpets (the role he likes most) in orchestras[...]