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Updated: May 4th, 2017

Trumpetland.com is an Internet portal (website) dedicated to trumpet information and directed to the general public.

The access and/or use of the Trumpetland.com portal by any person is attributed to the condition of its user, that accepts, from said access and/or use, all general Conditions and Terms of use reflected here. The aforementioned Terms and Conditions will apply regardless of the General Conditions of Contract that is mandatory in their case. In any circumstance, the user assumes full responsibility for their use of the portal.
The user will be able to access reserved services and parts of the website, which are only accessible through assignment of user keys and passwords. The user will be solely responsible for all the actions that they carry out with their user ID and password, agreeing to make a diligent and confidential use of these items, and not the responsibility of Trumpetland.com. The information provided in the registration process will be protected according to the current Spanish Law — LOPD.
It is the user's obligation to immediately notify Trumpetland.com's manager/s of any circumstance of improper use of their access identifiers (user and password), such as theft, loss, or unauthorized access, in order to proceed with its immediate cancellation. Until such events are reported, Trumpetland.com will be relieved of any liability that may arise from the misuse of user identifiers or passwords by unauthorized persons/third parties.
Trumpetland.com, in accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999, the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), and within all developmental regulations, guarantees the security and confidentiality of the data provided by its users. However, Trumpetland.com assumes no liability whatsoever arising from the connection or contents of third party links referenced on its website.
In participation of users of the web, or in any other communication/s within Trumpetland.com, the user declares, guarantees and accepts that it has the right to do this freely, that said information does not infringe any right/s of intellectual property, brand/s, patent/s, trade secret/s, or any other third party right/s; that such information is not confidential and is not harmful to third parties.

Language of the Terms

The original language of the Terms is Spanish. In the event that Trumpetland.com has provided you with a translation of the original version of the Terms, you acknowledge that such translation has been provided for your convenience and that your relationship with Trumpetland.com will be governed by the provisions of the original Version of the same. If there is any contradiction between the provisions of the original version of the Terms and the provisions of the translation, the provisions in the Spanish version of the document shall prevail.

Data and Privacy Policy

In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Personal Data Protection, we inform you that the data requested in our forms will be kept in a computerized database in order to respond to your request/s, manage our business contacts, and provide you with information of your interest/s in Trumpetland.com, as well as third party products and services. Such data will never be transferred to any third parties.
You may exercise your rights to access, correct and/or cancel your data, as well as express your desire not to receive information from our company, communicating this through the contact form or via the postal address indicated at the end of this document.


Trumpetland.com displays banners and advertising text messages to its users. Trumpetland.com will be able to use the user's IP and some profile data (country, locality, age, abilities, likes) anonymously, to segment the advertising messages and show the best messages suited toward the user's interests.

Type of Free service

Unless expressly stated otherwise in the specific corresponding conditions, access and use of the portal and the provision/s of service are free of charge to users.
Notwithstanding, Trumpetland.com, in its sole discretion, may cease to make available or stop providing users with certain services for free, requiring the payment for them. To this end, the user will be notified of these new conditions. The user may voluntarily desist from access or provision of these services that imply the payment of any amount.
The price for provision of services are fixed and will only apply from the date of entry within the new conditions. Once these new conditions come into action, the access and use of these services by the user will imply full adherence to these conditions; including, of course, the way payments are made and the way the new conditions are stipulated.

Premium Services

It is understood that a premium service means the payable services offered by Trumpetland.com, consisting of any number of advantageous series for its registered users, as well as Trumpetland.com.
The price of this service, with taxes included, will be clearly indicated on the portal at the time of registration. With the acceptance of this service, the user authorizes the periodic charge of the price stipulated upon.
The contracting periods begin from the moment payment is received and end according to the contract period, without the possibility of computing extended or intermediate periods.
Periodic subscriptions will be automatically renewed as long as the user does not unsubscribe to their subscription.
The prices offered in the portal will always be applicable. It is the responsibility of the user to review the variants or modifications that these prices could suffer, which will always be published within the portal.
Trumpetland.com constantly innovates to offer the best possible experience to its users. The user acknowledges and accepts that the form and nature of the service provided may change from time to time without prior notice.
As part of this constant innovative process, Trumpetland.com will be able to interrupt your Premium services in order to carry out any repair work, system corrections, maintenance and/or improvements that are deemed appropriate by Trumpetland.com. You may also temporarily/permanently modify or discontinue specific services offered without any liability to Trumpetland.com.
The payment of premium services will be made through credit or debit card. From the moment the user inserts the data of their card to make the purchase of services, the user confirms their authorization to carry out the same. Likewise, the user guarantees that they are the owner of the card with which they make the purchase.
From the moment in which the data of the credit card or any other form of payment is inserted and validated, the user can not cancel the subscription and therefore will be charged to the account the periodic amount corresponding to the service contracted.
The conditions of the contract of the Premium services are valid, with a duration depending on the modality of the contract; from the day the user joins any/all services for the first time. The term will be automatically extended over equal periods.
At the time of renewal, the amount corresponding to the service contracted for the next period of time will be automatically charged — through the data provided at the time of registration of the Premium service.
Therefore, the Premium service contracted will continue to be active until the user expressly requests to withdraw such service. This can be requested through a specific link within the same portal. The withdrawal will take effect at the time of notification to Trumpetland.com through said link, although the amount paid will not be refunded during the current period in which the user decides to unsubscribe.
Trumpetland.com could also resolve the contractual relationship and therefore suspend or withdraw, at any time and without prior notice, the provision of the Premium service:
(I) In the event that the user breaches what is established within this contract.
In particular, Trumpetland.com reserves the right to remove records, contents, videos or other graphic files that do not comply with the rules established within this contract.
(II) Trumpetland.com is required to do so by applicable law (for example, if the provision of services is or becomes unlawful).
(III) Trumpetland.com plans to stop providing services in the country where the user resides or uses the service.
(IV) The provision of services by Trumpetland.com ceases to be commercially viable within its professional discretion.
To resolve these conditions, all legal rights, obligations and responsibilities of which the user and Trumpetland.com have benefited, to those who have been subject (or who have accrued over time during the term of these conditions) or that have been expressly asked to subsist indefinitely, will remain unchanged by that resolution.


Trumpetland.com reserves the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, modifications and updates to the information/material contained in its Trumpetland.com website or in the configuration and presentation of said information/material.
Trumpetland.com reserves the right to cancel the Trumpetland.com web services without prior notice, and does not guarantee the absence of errors in accessing the website, its content, or that it is updated, (although best efforts will be made); if necessary, to avoid, remedy or update them.


Trumpetland.com may use cookies to store and retrieve information about its visitors. They are small text files that we send to your computer to keep track of your preferences and remember them upon your return. The user can freely decide on their implementation or to not have them stored on their hard drives.


In compliance with article 10 of Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we provide the following information that allows the identification of the owner of the site www.Trumpetland.com:
D. Manuel Rodríguez
C/ Castelar 4, local 32
11540 Sanlúcar de Bda., Cádiz

Intellectual property

The intellectual and industrial property rights of the Trumpetland.com portal and the different elements contained therein are the sole property of Trumpetland.com. It is this exclusive right of the said company to exercise its rights of exploitation in any form, and in particular the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.
With regard to the citing of products and services of third parties on the website Trumpetland.com, Trumpetland.com recognizes in favor of its owners the corresponding industrial and intellectual property rights, not involving its mere mention or appearance on the web the existence of rights or responsibility of Trumpetland.com whatsoever, nor any endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by Trumpetland.com.
All posts, comments and, in general, any publication made by users of this service, except music, photographs, videos and blog posts, are the intellectual property of Trumpetland.com at the same time of publication, as well as any of its future editions. Deleting a user account will delete all posts and comments.