Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

About Trumpetland

What is Trumpetland?

Trumpetland is the largest community of trumpet players in the world, with over 6,000 registered members. The web site is constantly being updated with all kinds of different contents such as interviews, video lessons, articles, news, job opportunities, information about music festivals and trumpet events, a catalogue of instruments and accessories, used and second hand ads published by trumpetland members…

To sum it up: Everything a trumpet player desires.

Is registration with the Trumpetland community free?

Yes, registering is free, although the free registration mode has it’s limitations. To enjoy all of the services that are offered by Trumpetland, without restrictions, it’s more beneficial to register as a Premium member.

Premium Membership

What does being a Premium member of Trumpetland consist of?

Premium members of Trumpetland are members that pay a low fee of $14.95 per year. This gives them access to many interesting advantages that regular members don’t have.

How can I become a Premium member?

If you are already a registered member, go to preferences in your account and you will find a link to upgrade to Premium.

If you aren’t already registered, to register as a Premium member all you you have to do is go to the registration page and select the Premium option when you register.

How do you pay the Premium member fee? Is the payment secure?

You can pay with a credit card or a debit card.

Payment for Trumpetland is completely secure. Our form of payment is certified level 1 (the highest and strictest level) by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Trumpetland does not retain any sensitive data from it’s users.

Is the Premium member fee automatically renewed?

A Premium membership works like a subscription, which means that the $14.95 fee is automatically renewed on an annual basis on the same date, this way you don’t have to concern yourself with the renewal. However, Trumpetland will inform you one month prior to the renewal.

Can I cancel my Premium member subscription?

Yes, the Premium member subscription has no obligation to permanency so you can cancel at any time. It is an easy process, just go to settings in your account and you will see the cancellation option.

The moment you cancel your subscription, you are no longer a Premium member and your membership reverts to a regular membership without the advantages of a Premium membership.

Associated Festivals and events

What is a festival or event associated with Trumpetland?

Trumpetland has collaborative agreements with festivals and trumpet events all over the world. Premium members of Trumpetland can register with any of these festivals or events and receive a special discount.

I want to register with a Trumpetland associated festival or event? What do I have to do to receive the discount?

Find the festival or event that you are interested in from the festival and event list. You will see all the information about it, prices (both normal and Premium prices) and a pre-registration button.

When you click on the pre-registration button, the organizers of the indicated festival or event will contact you by the e-mail you used for your Trumpetland registration and they will send you instructions for the Premium registration price.

I’m a festival or trumpet event organizer and I would like to advertise in Trumpetland.

You can find instructions here to advertise for a festival or event to the largest community of trumpet players on a worldwide scale.


What does a Trumpetland videolesson consist of?

The Trumpetland videolessons are lessons in Full HD. In each lesson a specific trumpet related theme is featured in great detail.

Who are the teachers?

Trumpetland goes to great lengths to record videolessons with the top trumpet players from many different countries. These include well known soloists, symphonic trumpet players, jazz artists, conservatory and university professors and well respected pedagogues just to name a few.

How much does each videolesson cost?

Each videolesson costs $4.99, but for Premium members the price is only $0.99.

Can you download videolessons?

No, when you purchase a videolesson you get the right to watch it as many times and as often as you want but not the right to download it.

Anyway it’s not worth downloading a Trumpetland videolesson as they are extremely large files and there are hundreds of them. It is much better to purchase them for the low cost of $0.99 (less than a cup of coffee) and watch them from any device with an internet connection be it laptop, smart phone or tablet. Nowadays everybody is connected everywhere!

How many times can I watch a videolesson that I purchased?

As many times as you like, no limits!


Is it free to publish ads for secondhand products in the Trumpetland marketplace?

Yes, publishing an ad in the Trumpetland Marketplace is free, you just have to be a registered member either regular or Premium.

Please take into account that normal members can only publish one ad with a limit of one photo and a time limit of one month until the ad is removed.

If you want unlimited ads and all the photos you want as well as no time limit then you have to be a registered Premium member.

Is there a commission charged for each item sold in the Trumpetland Marketplace?

No, the Trumpetland Marketplace is free. It’s a space that Trumpetland places at the disposition of its members with no strings attached, where trumpet players can buy and sell in a place designed just for them.

If I advertise in the Trumpetland Marketplace how can interested parties contact me?

Messages from people interested in your product  will be sent to the email address you submitted when you registered in Trumpetland.

I saw an ad that interested me in the Trumpetland Marketplace. How can I contact the person responsible for the ad?

In the ad you will see a simple contact form to put you in touch with that person. To use the contact form all that is required is that you be a registered member.

Are there advantages to selling things secondhand in the Trumpetland Marketplace?

Yes, firstly Trumpetland is the largest community of trumpet players in the world which means that thousands potential buyers will see your ad.

Secondly, for each thing that you sell and the buyer validates the purchase, you will receive 1,000 TrumpetPoints in your account, these can then be exchanged for gifts, special discounts and other benefits.

The only condition to receive the 1,000 TrumpetPoints is that the purchaser be a Premium member.

I sold an article in the Trumpetland Marketplace. How can I receive the 1,000 TrumpetPoints?

You just have to follow the two last steps:

  1. Once the purchase is completed, tell your purchaser to go to the ad of the article that they bought and click on the “Validate Purchase” button.
  2. When the purchaser has validated the purchase, you will receive a confirmation link to the e-mail address with which you registered in Trumpetland. When you click on this link you will receive the 1,000 TrumpetPoints in your account and your ad will be eliminated from the Trumpetland Marketplace.

The only thing you have to take into accounts is that only Premium members can validate a purchase, that is why we recommend that you prioritize your sale to Premium members.