We're giving away €600 for the purchase of a Bach Artisan during the month of February (maximum 5 people)


In Trumpetland we're extremely happy with recent developments. The new platform is firing on all cylinders, our traffic and memberships continue to grow... (And we've got another big surprise for 2017 that you are going to love!)
We're are so pleased that we are going to divide €3,000 between 5 of our members.

If you are thinking about buying a Bach Artisan, now is the time! Make your purchase between 1st and 28th of February and, if you are a Premium Member of Trumpetland, contact us and we will give you €600 to help you pay for it.

We can only do this with 5 people for the Bb Bach Artisan silver plated (that's the only condition that they have given us) and it has to be purchased from Sanganxa, which is good news in that they have a great after sales service which guarantees that you won't have any problems with the instrument after you purchase it.

Bach Artisan

The Bach Artisan series is so called because the instruments are completely hand crafted. Their development took longer than a year, and involved the collaboration of such great trumpet players as Michael Sachs (principal with the Cleveland Orchestra) and Phil Smith (the prestigious principal with the New York Philharmonic). 

We're talking about a line of trumpet that improves upon the traditional Bach Stradivarius and that offers todays trumpet players the sound characteristics and sensations provided by Vincent Bach's original design. It's like a trip back in time. You will feel like you are playing on a trumpet coming straight from the very hands of the master artisan.

€600 Gift

The official price of these trumpets is €4,800, though in stores the price is usually closer to €4,000 (in Thomann it's listed at €4,111, to just to give you an idea).

With our €600 gift, you can have your silver plated Bach Artisan trumpet for €3,498.

Believe us, it can't be found for a better price. Nobody else will give you €600 towards the purchase of a new Bach Artisan trumpet. Now is your chance to own this superb trumpet!

Remember, this gift is only for the first 5 people that ask for it, and it is only available until the 28th of February.

If you are a Premium member, contact us and don't miss out on this great opportunity!

It gives us much joy to feature gifts like this and be there for you.