We did it! Trumpetland is now in English!


Trumpetland was born in Spain in June 2012 with the intention of becoming the best resource for Internet trumpeters

In the beginning, Trumpetland was a Spanish web page featuring news, articles, interviews, job opportunities, courses and events, plus a data base of composers and trumpet players.

That first web page has grown into more than just a simple web page for trumpet players. It has become an exclusive social network exclusive to trumpet players (today there are 6,000 registered members). It is a great place to advertise used instruments and accessories or anything else remotely relevant to the trumpet. Just think about having access to 6,000 trumpet players when you want to sell or buy something!

The site continued to grow and the School came to be. This is a virtual trumpet school with videolessons recorded in full HD with some of the greatest trumpet players representing all styles, and has developed into a great educational resource that can be checked on a daily basis.

The Catalog emerged shortly thereafter featuring a catalogue with hundreds of products of all types geared specifically towards trumpet players.
It’s not just any catalogue. We're talking about a catalogue through which members with a Premium account can contact all the stores associated with Trumpetland in any number of countries, where they can shop with the benefit of a 5% discount.

Trumpetland is no longer the simple web page it was in the beginning. It has grown into a much more complete and sophisticated site. More than a site it is a community. Specifically a community of 6,000 registered trumpet players. Premium members receive exclusive advantages which can be seen here.

Today, December 13th, 2016, we're taking the next step and officially opening the English version of Trumpetland. We are hoping to reach out to all parts of the planet and make our community of trumpet players the biggest in the world.


Our principal objective is to become the largest community of trumpet players in the world, but what are our specific objectives for 2017?

Premium Zone

We're going to open a Premium Zone with exclusive contents, only accesible to Premium members of Trumpetland: video interviews, reports, raffles, special offers, reviews...

New teachers

We're going to add new trumpet teachers to our faculty in the School. There will be some new American teachers (joining our current American teachers: Matthew Simon and Chris Kase).

More associated stores

We're going to increase the number of stores associated with Trumpetland. Currently there are 20 stores from 8 different countries. Our intention is to at least triple that this year.

As you can see, the majority of these objectives have been set up to benefit, above all else, our Premium members. Actually the one and only objective of Trumpetland is to have its Premium members enjoy all the possible benefits (whether it be on the web or in real life, discounts for purchases, master classes and events) that they are entitled to. The Premium members help to sustain and develop Trumpetland.

Thank you everyone!