Training scholarships for professors that have students with braces


Pedagogue Dr. Jordi Albert, through the International Research Institute for Music Learning, offers a teachers training course entitled "Orthodontia while learning a brass instrument", which helps brass teachers and students to continue playing their instrument with these "dreaded" orthodontics. There will be 6 full scholarships available (applications can be sent in until January 25, 2019). Space is Limited!

More and more brass musicians have to use braces. For the student, braces can be a painstaking ordeal. You already have a preconceived notion of having pain while playing your instrument, and you’ll not be capable of performing at your best. On the other hand, some professors do not feel very qualified to attend to these types of students in the proper way.

However, paradoxically, despite being a fairly common problem, there is very little specific information on how to help musicians who suffer from braces. Until just a year ago, we met with Dr. Jordi Albert (a Stomvi artist), the Spanish pedagogue who voluntarily had orthodontia placed on his teeth in order to know firsthand what musicians felt while playing and trying to advance, and thus coming up with more information to help others. Here is the interview we recorded with Dr. Albert (in January 2018):

After a year of experimentation, Jordi has informed us that he has managed to develop a complete plan of study plan for those musicians that have braces. This plan is roughly divided into five phases:

  1. The preparation for braces (before having them put on).
  2. The adaptation of braces (once in place).
  3. The intermediate process of progressive improvement.
  4. The preparation for the removal of braces.
  5. The adaptation of the embouchure without braces (once they are removed).

According to Albert, the results with his own students with braces have been very positive and hopeful, so now he wants to help other teachers who have students with this problem. To this end, he has organized this teacher’s training course (Orthodontia while learning a brass instrument), which will include face-to-face and distance sessions, and which will last from February 15 to July 15, 2019.

The course is aimed at professors who will have the opportunity to contribute two actual cases of their own students (if they have any students with braces) or propose two hypothetical cases. Throughout, the participating teachers will be equipped with the appropriate teaching tools for the specialized attention of brass students who use or plan to use orthodontics alongside the professional study of their instrument. The content of the course is the following:

Unit #1. Orthodontics as a need for integral health.

Unit #2. Different types of orthodontics.

Unit #3. The creation of specific protocols: curricular adaptations.

Unit #4. The preparation for orthodontics for brass instruments.

Unit #5. The first weeks with orthodontics: the regeneration of the point of sound production.

Unit #6. Alternative strategies during the first few weeks.

Unit #7. The relearning of basic skills: some methodological strategies.

Unit #8. The collaboration with multidisciplinary teams: faculty working with the orthodontist and the family.

Unit #9. Some considerations on the adjustments of orthodontics and its repercussion in instrumental practice.

Unit #10. The standardization of the curriculum: the incorporation of the student in school ensembles.

Unit #11. The elimination of orthodontics: strategies for rehabilitation.

Unit #12. The final evaluation: communicating the results.

The course will be 130 hours (12 contact hours, 78 hours of theoretical on-line course, and 40 hours of guided practices). The price is 420 euros, with a 15% discount for Premium members of Trumpetland, and the registration deadline is February 12, 2019 (space is limited).

If you would like to apply for one of the 6 scholarships that covers the entire price of the course, the deadline for requesting it ends on January 25, 2019.

Undoubtedly, this is a great opportunity for all the teachers who have the concern of continuing to improve and expand their knowledge.

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