Stomvi Titan ‘Four Valve Edition’


It is obvious that brass instruments musical scene has evolved considerably in the past few decades: more demanding compositions, more extensive registers, more intense sonority, etc. This has led us to contemplate some doubts: What has happened to the technical evolution of instruments? Has there been a parallel evolution? Are instruments at the height of the demands required today? Is the instrument players’ technique adequate, or is it influenced by the limitations of the instrument?

Stomvi, the Spanish brass instruments manufacturing company, has considered answers to all these questions, investing significant resources in research and development. The result of these efforts has led to the introduction of a unique range of instruments.

Stomvi Titan 'Four Valve Edition' is a new vision of the sound concept that extends the useful intake of the trumpet with new solutions in fingering, tuning and intonation, taking the concept of sound to a whole new dimension and allowing this instrument to play repertoire that Until now would have been inaccessible.

With an exquisite finish and innovative solutions that resolve old shortcomings, a broad range of instruments has been created for the most demanding trumpeter. The B-flat, C and E-flat trumpets...

...along with the B-flat flugelhorn...

...and an array of B-flat and E-flat cornets form an extensive range.

This will expand gradually with tones that until now have never been built, such as the recent F cornet and imminent new instruments (C and G cornets).

But what is new in terms of input? Perhaps the most obvious thing is the intensification of the intake that, as in the piccolo trumpet, increases in the low register, or the alternative fingerings which offer new possibilities. However the most interesting innovation is the sound concept. The design of these instruments incorporates wider air passages, more generous bells, the use of the purest materials such as copper, titanium and the silver, which offer the interpreter a new sound and a more malleable dimension, with infinite possibilities in terms of colour, sound level, response, projection and safety.

Ultimately, as the invention of the piston in the middle of the XIX century opened a new musical space, Stomvi Titan 'Four Valve Edition' represents a comparable milestone that opens a new field, a virgin area to explore. A place where new goals and new challenges are able to evolve.

As its creator Vicente Honorato stated: “These are instruments for the next 20 years; a new concept of the musical phenomenon in the range of wind brass that will be essential and transcendental for the next generation”.

Stomvi Titan 'Four Valve Edition' is revolutionising the musical world. The classical traditional repertoire acquires a new dimension of sound and new compositions go beyond, breaking the traditional technical and interpretive barriers.

The trumpet is only the beginning of this integral evolution-revolution of the sound and the way of understanding music as a single language, putting excellence and perfection within reach of the interpreter. Stomvi’s department of innovation and development is implementing these same concepts in other instruments such as the french horn and the trombone, with results that you will soon be able to enjoy.

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