Sanganxa continues its expansion with the acquisition of the store 'Musical Alfonso' in Orihuela, Spain


Although the sale of instruments is not going through its best period, Sanganxa demonstrates its strength and raises its leadership by acquiring a new establishment, which now totals four: two in Valencia, one in Barcelona, and this new one in the province of Alicante.

Sanganxa Music Store, the most important music store in Spain, only had two locations in Valencia — the headquarters in Llanera de Ranes, and yet another store in the nearby town of Jativa — as well as a location in the city of Barcelona. Thanks to these three stores, Sanganxa is very present in the communities of Valencia and Catalonia. However, it has recently taken yet another step in its expansion by purchasing the Musical Alfonso store in Orihuela (province of Alicante, bordering Murcia), which is a benchmark store in its area. With this purchase, Sanganxa becomes an even stronger company in the south Valencian community and has expanded its radius of business closer to the Murcia region, maintaining a dominant position in the east of Spain.

The truth is, Musical Alfonso has had steady growth since 2007 and, in 2012, even absorbed another company titled Musical Leal. But, what most attracted the attention of Sanganxa during the acquisition of Musical Alfonso, was “the company’s philosophy of work and dedication to clients”, as expressed by Luismi Mateu, CEO of Sanganxa.

Precisely because of this commitment, Mateu will maintain the same team that already works in Musical Alfonso, a team that has achieved very good results in recent years, and simply bring them the experience and the “muscle” that Sanganxa offers, with the intention that customers in the area will enjoy better brands and more of them, as well as events and activities that Sanganxa usually organizes with international teachers and soloists.

The 100% acquisition of Musical Alfonso by Sanganxa will mean an important investment in music in the entire area of Alicante and Murcia, which musicians will undoubtedly benefit from.

Here are some pictures of the store:

So far, they have organized a masterclass and trumpet exhibition of Schagerl with Raúl Junquera (from the Orchestra of Valencia) for the students of the conservatory there. We will surely begin to see many other events in Musical Alfonso with the seal of quality of Sanganxa.

From Trumpetland, we congratulate Sanganxa for its continued expansion. We are very proud to have them as a partner.

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