Reparabrass, the new online store, a repair service by Stomvi


Don't expect to find used instruments at half the price in this store, because this isn't what it's all about. Although some are second hand, they have only been played by the staff at Stomvi, which have been tweaked by the highest of professionals. All instruments have undergone a review and an exhaustive tune-up, even changing a part if it is convenient.

However, most of the instruments that are sold online by Reparabrass are new instruments by Stomvi that have not been played, as you know, the Stomvi brand is always updating their instruments, and because of this, there are certain instruments that have been left uncataloged.

We have been in contact with Reparabrass and they have answered a few questions.

Although they have approx. 14 instruments on sale at the moment, their idea is not add additional instruments when they become available (so you need to be attentive!).

Trompetas are the instruments that become most available online, which is understandable since the instrument was the first to be manufactured by Stomvi, and still is today.

Some of these trumpets have special finishes (gold, matt lacquer…) but are offered at a standard price point, or even cheaper; others have a larger air passage than usual; other models have undergone changes in the leadpipe (to add or remove weight) or engravings (for aesthetic purposes only).

In summary, these are instruments of the same quality as current instruments, only with small differences.

In the case of the Flugelhorn Elite, for example, the difference is the Reparabrass has a removable bell (a feature currently on the Stomvi Master Flugelhorn). In addition, formerly Elite tuning slides were mounted horizontally, and this makes the grip more "familiar" and comfortable for those who are accustomed to the trumpet.

It is true that the prices of these instruments are not what you can find on the second-hand market, but there state of conservation isn´t either — apart from small marks due to the passage of time (for example, scratches or little streaks visible), the trumpets, horns and trombones come out in an impeccable state after passing through the workshops of Reparabrass and are in like new condition. Therefore, before putting them on sale, they are always cleaned and undergo maintenance (ultrasonic bath, polish, adjustments, etc.) and, if necessary, they change out any part of the instrument if it improves its performance.

In addition, contrary to what happens when you purchase an instruments from another person in a private sale, the instruments carry the legal guarantee offered by Stomvi.

Another type of product available in the Reparabrass online store, are instruments and accessories from other brands, because, although we know Stomvi as an instrument maker, for years they were also distributors of other brands. Among the items on sale we can also find a pair of trombones and many mutes and mouthpieces of other popular manufacturers. In this case, the items are new and mostly current, and can be purchased for a price lower than normally found in Spain (we specifically specify this country because we are advised that, by company policy, they only do domestic shipments and Portugal).