Important Information from Trumpetland


If you are a Trumpetland user or member, we recommend that you read the following communication.

Apart from April 2020, there will be substantial changes in Trumpetland that will not only affect the design of the site, but also its entire structure and content.

The most important thing is that the Marketplace will disappear. So, if you have any advertisements published, please make sure you have it published on other platforms because we will not continue providing this service.

The new version of Trumpetland will incorporate many new features and improvements, as this site has grown considerably since its launch in 2012, with more than 10,000 registered users, and it obviously has different needs than it once had.

The biggest beneficiaries are our users, above all our subscribers, who for a small fee of $1.25 a month ($14.95 a year), contribute to the growth of our community. Thanks to all of you!

And equally: thanks to our sponsors (Yamaha, Sanganxa, Adams, nkoda, Dillon Music, Warburton, Legends Brass, International Trumpet Guild, Tortajada Music, Progreso Musical). It would be impossible to sustain all our activity without their support. They are an example of a company that is not only committed to offering the best products and services to musicians, but also the contribution of the knowledge of different musical instruments through projects like ours.

There are only days left until the launch of the new version of Trumpetland. Until then, our activity will continue as usual, with daily publications. So be sure to visit us!