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David Pastor’s voice is always full of positivity, enthusiasm and energy, even when he accumulates hours and hours of work, even by telephone, in the middle of Istanbul’s busy airport (Turkey), where a long stop awaits him for his return home.

Marta Ramón
Specialist in Marketing and Corporate Communication for SMEs. As a lover of jazz and culture, she collaborates periodically with magazines such as Jazz in Europe, writes liner notes for albums, advises musicians in their brand development and manages the Territori Jazz section within the Territori Sonor program of Àpunt — Spanish regional radio station.

"It has been an incredible experience, the Greek musicians welcomed us warmly and, in the audience, there were almost a thousand people who connected with our music. Because of the music, it was an overwhelming night along with the atmosphere of the place,” Pastor explained, about the concert he gave the night before with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Thessaloniki conducted by the great Miguel Ángel Navarro.

Thousands of miles from home, Pastor connects with the memory of a child who began to grow up with music, someone so fortunate to meet great teachers such as Manuel López and Francisco Blanco “Latino,” a child that became a young trumpeter who knew how to choose the path he wanted, the one through effort: "Music has always been a challenge for me, a way of finding personal improvement. Since I was a child, I felt great with the instrument in my hand and I found my place with other classmates and teachers. I have always had good mentors that have helped me develop my talent, they always encouraged me to move forward and gave me the opportunities I needed to begin my professional career and have it take off."

This is a story of perseverance and confidence in the work ethic, a result from the sum of each step, and the story of a human being full of patience who knows that everything arrives in due time. "I have always enjoyed music and the continuous learning process. I have never counted the hours I have dedicated to it because, for me, it’s an identity, it’s my way of understanding life and moving forward. My only goal is to be better every day, that's why I like to interact with my colleagues and students, they help me to continue learning and evolving,” says Pastor.

Sharing his trumpet for forty-years, thirty of those years as a professional, he still considers each morning an opportunity to advance. Those who know him well are aware that the true greatness of Pastor transcends the musical concept, because what truly makes him special is his ability to fill any musical performance with energy. For David Pastor, every stage is important, from a large theatre to a jazz club, or arriving at a cultural center in a town square or village where there is never a lack of musicians to share great repertoire: "I love to play, it's my passion. At this point in my life it’s almost my natural state of being. And some years ago, I realized that teaching also gives me a lot of life. Teaching has become a fundamental activity in my profession, it gives me very good memories, I love sharing time with people who want to learn, who are curious about what I can give them. Normally, these courses and master classes always culminate with a concert, and it is very gratifying to see how, in just a few days or hours, a student can improve, musically, when working as a team with good methodology.”

A master class by David in Játiva, Valencia (Spain).

David Pastor, besides being the Trumpet professor at the Taller de Músics of Barcelona and the Jazz Training Workshop and Director of the Big Band of the UJI (Jaume I University in Castellón, Spain), regularly teaches courses and seminars at music schools, music associations, conservatories and universities in Spain, as well as in other countries as a guest lecturer. "I have been a professor at the First Ibero-American Trumpet Congress (Cancun, Mexico) and I was also teaching at the CAM in Florence, Italy. Soon, I will visit the University of Florida (USA), the University of Macedonia (Greece) and the University of Georgia (USA). I am also very proud of having taught at the First International Trumpet Congress of Castellón Conservatory and in the educational activities that the Sanganxa Foundation organizes. Sanganxa has always trusted me and helped me throughout my career, they can always count on me" explains the trumpeter with gratitude.

In 2015, David Pastor's international projection increased as he joined the squad of the Austrian instrument brand, Schagerl, a family that unites great figures such as Thomas Gansch or James Morrison, among others. It is usual to see David Pastor in Schagerl workshops, where he speaks as a brand ambassador but, above all, as a trumpeter who spends hours with the instrument: "they are great instruments, the mechanics are impressive, the response of the valves is optimal and, aesthetically, I very much identify with both the design and the finishing touches. I have played on many trumpet brands, but with Schagerl, I have reached a point of personalization and identification like never before."

David Pastor, with his Schagerl Gansch-Horn and piston trumpet.

The US brand, Warburton, also noticed David Pastor and asked him to design a line of mouthpieces that respond to musical work in different genres: "Warburton gave me the opportunity to help them to create my own line of mouthpieces. The mouthpiece is  fundamental for trumpet players, because we fight with them every day, and I tried to share everything I know about my work on the stage and the physiognomy (the study of a person’s facial features) of trumpeters to design some mouthpieces to perform demanding jobs with different musical styles and contexts, in a comfortable way.”

Warburton Jazz David Pastor mouthpiece model.

In this international progression, the US label Dot Time Records, which opted for him as one of the best trumpet players in Europe, is also an important asset. David Pastor published his first album, Motion (Dot Time Records, 2016), a live presentation at the Jazzahead Night Festival (Bremen, Germany, 2017). Now, David Pastor has just released his second album with this label, Film Sessions, which is available on both vinyl and CD. This project offers a tour of soundtracks that are a part of the collective memory, with reharmonizations and a jazz language that brings tradition and current sound to a meeting point: "I wanted to record with a more organic character for a long time and recover themes from movies and musicals that were important to me in my training and development as a musician. In this adventure, I am accompanied by the pianist and arranger Francesc Capella, bassist Tom Warburton and drummer Anton Jarl. We are amazed by the great reception on the part of the public and the producers, we have many concerts ahead of us, in Spain and in other countries that we will soon announce." With a personal link to some title tracks on Film Sessions, it is important to remark on his experience with recordings on film soundtracks such as The Bookshop (Isabel Coixet, 2017), where David was invited by the great Alfonso Vilallonga.

Remembering some of these soundtracks that marked the beginning of his career, and his learning of the musical language, David Pastor explains that, undoubtedly, the greatest jazz radio conductor in Spain, Juan Claudio Cifuentes "Cifu”, played a great role: "I remember, as a teenager, staying up late to watch Cifu on TV. I always admired him immensely. I will never forget the day I met him, I was about twenty-three years old and he was in Nido del Arte (Albacete, Spain), where I was playing with the Fabio Miano quintet. I remember he was with Javier de Cambra ... Later, I met him again while on the tour for my first album, Introducing David Pastor (Omix Records, 2002) and from then on, whenever we met, we shared some very good time. He is undoubtedly one of my great mentors, because he is also a musician.”

In addition to leading his own projects, David Pastor is one of the most demanded trumpeters in the jazz scene and bands of other many genres. Throughout all these years, Pastor has shared the stage with trumpeters such as Mike Mossman, Bobby Shew, Clark Terry, Luis Aquino, Claudio Roditi, Gustavo Bergalli and Charles Tolliver, aas well as with other jazzmen like Donald Harrison, Steve Marcus, Dick Oatts, Richie Cole, Paquito D'Rivera, Maceo Parker, Bob Mintzer, Sambeat Perico, Jorge Pardo, Guillermo Klein, Pat Metheny and Slide Hampton. Pastor has also played with outstanding figures from Latin American music, such as Celia Cruz or Armando Manzanero, and in the Spanish music scene, he has collaborated with flamenco artists such as Estrella Morente and Miguel Poveda and artists such as Kiko Veneno, Martirio, Sole Giménez, Fundación Toni Manero, Seguridad Social and Santiago Auserón, whom he usually accompanies for his concerts.

In a few days, David Pastor will add a new name to his list of professional experiences. He will be sharing the stage with one of the most famous trumpeters after the golden generation of jazz: Arturo Sandoval. The Cuban musician will offer a concert together with the Classijazz Swing & Funk Big Band, directed by Duccio Bertini [Sunday, June 9, 2019, 7 pm, Maestro Padilla Auditorium of Almería, Spain — BUY TICKETS], and David Pastor has also been invited to perform: "I am very happy that they have invited me to play in such a special concert. Sandoval is one of the fathers of the modern trumpet, he is a great international figure who has been an inspiration for people wanting to play in the upper register and a wide range of musical styles. It is always a pleasure to play with musicians whom I admire."

The versatility and transversality of this trumpet player allows him to perfectly adapt himself to any style. The greatest musical virtue that Pastor has is that of being a great instrumentalist in numerous genres and the control of a variety of languages ​​in multiple registers. In this way, he is also a regular guest with major orchestras such as the Barcelona Symphony, the Vallés Symphony, the Gran Canaria Philharmonic, the Spanish Radio and Television Symphony, the National Chamber Orchestra of Moldova, the European Symphony and the Orchestra of Valencia, among others. Currently, he is working very closely with distinguished conductor Miguel Ángel Navarro, with whom he has created a repertoire that brings the world of jazz to the classical arena and what they call Symphonic Standards: "It is an honor to work with Miguel Ángel Navarro, he is a great professional. His conducting is very powerful and he transmits a special force. It is very motivating to see how the world classical music is opening up to new proposals to transcend music and. through new repertoire, bring it to new audiences.”

David Pastor with Miguel Ángel Navarro in Thessaloniki (Greece).

The “Hurricane of Levante”, that’s what the singer Santiago Auserón calls David. And he is not mistaken, because David Pastor is an inexhaustible and overwhelming phenomenon in which his talent on the trumpet is projected, thanks to the overflowing energy he uses each time he’s involved in a project. His colleagues and the people who work with him every day know it well: the secret of his "always forward" philosophy comes from that child who found freedom on his instrument and who continues growing, laughing and dreaming, with each moment.

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David Pastor
Jazz musician. Professor of Trumpet at Taller de Músics of Barcelona. Artistic Director at Original Jazz Orchestra of the Taller de Músics (Spain)

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