After a tour through the United States, the Jordi Albert Center in Spain will re-open classes in September


Trumpet and Pedagogue, Jordi Albert, is very well known in Spain and in México for his work with professional musicians and students with dystonia and other learning disabilities. He was invited this year by ITG to give a talk during their annual Conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania over the summer, and afterwards was invited to give a series of master classes at several American universities in the coming month.

His talk at ITG, which happen this past July 2nd, was titled Focal Dystonia in Brass Players: Treatment Strategies, during which Albert shared his investigations and methodology that he has worked on for the past 10 years.

With K.O. Skinsnes and Jean-Christophe Dobrzelewski.

Through this clinic at ITG, Jordi received an invitation to return to the US this August, where he will give master classes at the flowing universities/dates:

Albert has become very well known en México, where he worked as a professor in the University of Veracruz. As in Spain, he maintains his Center of Private Studies, in the process, helping many musicians that suffer from dystonia and other serious problems with extreme success. The students and professionals have all been very pleased with their progress. He is a very central instructor for musicians with all types of difficulties (in Trumpetland, we have many of his video lessons, in which has become very useful to the Trumpetland users).

Jordi will be giving a few seminars during this summer in México (at the Rafael Méndez International Festival next week, which we at Trumpetland have a discount for our Premium members to attend), and will next move onto his work in the US, returning to Spain in September to begin his classes in his private studio, the Jordi Albert Studio (in the city of Castellón de la Plana). You can see some corresponding photos, here:

If you are interested in classes with Jordi Albert, we would like you to know that inscriptions begin on August 15th. His Center offers a great variety of programs centered around the students needs (with residencies of 1 to 6 months, to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly lessons), and he also has two other Centers in Madrid and Barcelona.

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Jordi Albert Studio
Calle Santa Cruz de Teijeiro 1, Local 10
12005 Castellón de la Plana, Castellón (Spain)
P: (+34) 651 627 447 / 634 861 223


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