Trumpet jobs

Job opportunities for trumpet players (list is updated constantly)
Country Position Convener Deadline
Sweden Tutti Trumpet Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra 2018-07-24
United States Principal Trumpet Sarasota Orchestra 2018-07-29
United States Co-Principal Trumpet Sarasota Orchestra 2018-07-29
Sweden Principal Trumpet Royal Swedish Opera Orchestra 2018-08-13
Mexico 2nd Trumpet Xalapa Symphony Orchestra 2018-08-13
United States Principal Trumpet Louisville Orchestra 2018-08-15
United States 3rd Trumpet / Utility Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra 2018-08-17
Germany Principal Trumpet West German Radio (WDR) Symphony Orchestra 2018-08-19
United States Assistant Principal / Utility / 3rd Trumpet Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra 2018-08-31
Germany Principal Trumpet Ulm Philharmonic Orchestra 2018-09-06
Poland Principal Trumpet Szczecin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra 2018-09-15
Germany Co-Principal Trumpet Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra 2018-10-11
China Principal Trumpet China National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) Orchestra 2018-10-19
Germany Principal Trumpet North German Radio (NDR) Elbe Philharmonic Orchestra n/a
United States Jazz Trumpet United States Army Field Band - Jazz Ambassadors n/a
Germany Alternating Principal Trumpet Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra n/a
Germany 2nd Trumpet Saarland State Theatre Orchestra n/a
Germany Trumpet Nuremberg State Philharmonic Orchestra n/a
Germany Principal Trumpet Saxon Elbeland Philharmonic Orchestra n/a
France Professor Montreuil Conservatory Music and Dance n/a
Finland Principal Trumpet Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra n/a