Interview with Edward H. Tarr

Trumpet player and musicologist. Pioneer in the revival of Baroque and Romantic era trumpet performance.

«Musicianship is just as important as technique»


Out interviewee today is without doubt one of the people that has most investigated and has published more than anyone in respects to the trumpet and its history. A large part of the bibliography that we have regarding our instrument, we owe to him. He was the professor of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis for 30 years, and possessor of an innumerable amount of awards and distinctions. It is a grand honor to have him with us in Trumpetland, so don’t miss this interview! Especially the PDF of exercises that he shares with our Premium members!

Up close and personal
  • Age: 81.
  • City of birth: Norwich, Connecticut (USA).
  • A hobby: Collecting musical instruments (brass).
  • A food: Swiss fondue.
  • A drink: Malt whisky.
  • A book: Wunder wirken Wunder: Wie Medizin und Magie uns heilen (Eckart von Hirschhausen).
  • A film: Rear Window (Alfred Hitchcock).
  • A place: Boston, Massachusetts (USA).