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Present to you the used Flugelhorn Reynolds "Emperor" :- This flugelhorn is silver-plated . The valves are smooth and fast with good compression. All slides and screws are free.There are few dings and scratches on the surface from normal use. "Looks, sounds and feels like the traditional artist-grade fluegelhorn, but in the intermediate price range. All brass, its dark, mellow tone enhances the concert brass choir, casts the spell of ‘that old brass magic’ in jazz solo work. Mouthpiece and deluxe case included"....... from 1966 >.... Reynolds Catalog.....it’s got quite little dimple on the silver plating....the valves are quick and light.....Serial Number:-220031. This is a 1966 Reynolds Emperor Flugel Horn.   Original lacquer is worn in some areas and darkened in others.   Reynolds had been purchased by the parent company that owned Olds, so Reynolds horns of this ear were often similar to their Olds counterparts.   This flugel is much the same as the Olds L-12 flugel of this era, but without the gold brass bell.   Both the Olds and Reynolds flugels were copies of the original Couesnon flugelhorn. This flugel shows some lacquer wear, but it plays well and is an excellent professional quality flugel for a first flugel or a player that uses one infrequently.   Comes with the original case and an original Reynolds/flugel mouthpiece.

User: CatMarino (156 days ago)
Location: Switzerland


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